Be More Efficient With Employee Performance Software

Employee performance software can also be used in order to pay every single employee. It is important for employers to make sure that they know what they are paying out to the employee. Take note of the last bonus that everyone received and try to make sure that the employees are getting the recognition that they deserve. This is one of the very best tools to use in order to save money and stay on track. Make sure that any policies that you implement are added to your employee handbook using an employee handbook templates software.

One of the biggest reasons why employers use an employee performance software is to ensure that they have a staff full of reputable employees. There are spaces for notes as well as progress reports or full reviews that can be filled out when the individual clocks in at the company for a certain amount of time. There are also easy forms to fill out that will help the manager evaluate the individual based on their overall performance over the last few months to a full year.

Employee performance software is going to be very easy to install

All of this information and all of the files can be managed from any computer. As long as the operating system on the computer is up to date and ready to go, there should be no problems. In fact, the actual employee performance software is going to be very easy to install. As soon as it is purchased, the employer will be able to start using it and begin importing all of their existing employee files.

Before settling down on an actual employee performance software version, be sure to take advantage of different free trials. This is an excellent way to find out which software works best with the PC and which one slows everything up. The trial does not always include the full features until the individual actually buys the full version. Get a glimpse of what is available and go from there.

Even when the full version on any employee performance software is purchased…

Even when the full version on any employee performance software is purchased, many find it to be very affordable. Not to mention the fact that once they make the right investment, they are going to be able to save a lot of time. Ensure that the management team has this information so that they can take care of the evaluations as well. Again make sure you include any issues that affect your employee staff in your employee handbook.

Using employee performance software is a great way to get ahead within the business and keep things much more organized. There is no paperwork to deal with or file, everything is going to be simply electronic. Start looking for the right version right now and get ahead.

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Social Media: Work Out What Works For You*

(*hint: it won’t be the same as what works for your friends)

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest; the list of social media platforms is almost endless and when you’re in business you sometimes feel you should be on all of them. Well I’m here to tell you not to fall into that trap.

Who is your target audience?

You should have thought about your ideal client when you were planning your business. If you’re further along in your business you should have an idea of the clients you’re looking for or that you enjoy working with. If you’re not sure, STOP and get your ideal client identified before you go any further.

What social media platforms do your ideal clients use?

Knowing the kind of client you’re looking for will give you a good idea of the platforms they use. If you already have clients ask them what platforms they use and connect with them.

Choose 2 of those platforms and concentrate on them…

The trouble with being on every possible social media platform is that you won’t do any of them well. If you pick a couple to focus on you can make a really good job.

It’s not a quick fix

Social media isn’t all ‘sell, sell, sell’, your aim is to build relationships with your audience. Obviously you’re going to want to do some selling, but aim for one sales-related post to three content rich, useful posts for your readers.

Review regularly

If you feel like a particular platform isn’t right for you (someone described it to me as feeling like you’re “talking to yourself”), don’t be afraid to stop it and try something else, there really is nothing worse than putting in a lot of time and feeling like you’re getting nothing in return.

When to post

Keep an eye on when your ideal clients are active on the platforms you’ve chosen. Posting important stuff about your business at a time when your key audience isn’t engaging will mean that your messages could get lost in the fog.

Don’t forget online forums

The standard social media platforms aren’t the only places potential clients could be spending time online, don’t forget to search out and be active on specialist forums catering for your niche markets.

Connect with colleagues too

Building relationships with colleagues in your industry is a worthwhile use of some of your social media time too. Seeing other businesses as colleagues rather than competition can be useful both as a support mechanism and as a way of finding partners for projects.

Putting in some work

To identify the places where your ideal clients ‘hang out’ online and then making useful contributions to the discussions happening will help you to grow your reputations as a ‘go-to’ person when your ideal clients are ready to buy.

If it works for your friend it doesn’t mean it’ll work for you

I have friends who sell make up and beauty products and cookware, both really visual products, so they have very successful Facebook pages. There are only so many pictures of notebooks and pens I can use to illustrate my work, so it wasn’t nearly as successful for me. Just because something works really well for your friend’s business don’t assume it will give you the same returns.

And if you need any help

Planning or executing your social media strategy help is just a click away.

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Watching Chinese Series at the Comfort of Your Home

Choosing the right platform can be crucial to begin watching Chinese series. Given the immense popularity of Chinese series across the world, international streaming platforms now stream series. However, the choices they offer might be limited in terms of the number of series and options for subtitles. Therefore, viewers must choose the right platform to enjoy the experience brought by series.

TV Channels

Youku, the TV channel of the leading Internet video company in China, broadcasts the latest dramas and series, including those aired in China recently. It also offers mini television series, some of which have received appreciation from the viewers. Youku is available as a website on Android, iOS, and Windows TV.

Baidu TV Series Channel- a subsidiary of Baidu- is another popular choice. It broadcasts the latest series, TV plays, Chinese movies, and cartoons and can bring the most up-to-date content owing to the financial strength of Baidu. Baidu TV Series Channel is available on iOS, iPad, Android, and Android Pad and can be downloaded for TV.

Streaming Platforms

360TV, owned by Qihoo 360, provides users with links to popular Chinese series on other websites. Users can keep changing the links until they find the site they believe provides the best viewing experience. 360TV is available on Android and iPhone. Likewise, LeTV is a popular Beijing-based streaming platform that legally streams Chinese series, making it an ideal choice for viewers interested in exploring series. LeTV streams series across genres like a romantic drama, war drama, costume drama, among others.

QQ TV Channel is another streaming platform for Chinese series, which streams full episodes of series online. QQ TV Channel is supported on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. Sohu Video Channel, another China-based video streaming platform which streams the latest Chinese TV series in HD and produces its video contents, given the financial strength of, one of China’s largest Internet portal.


Kankan TV is a video-on-demand site that streams Chinese series and other video content in high-definition. Users from anywhere around the world can stream the series. It has a Mainland China TV channel where the users can watch Chinese series for free. Similarly, PPTV offers TV series and other video content on a video-on-demand basis and is recommended for viewers interested in Chinese series for its well-designed user interface, vast resources, and fast speed. It can be accessed on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS from anywhere in the world. is a video streaming platform exclusively for Chinese series and offers them in HD. Apart from legally streaming copyrighted video content, IQiyi also produces video content, including dramas catering to younger viewers, and is one of the most popular and largest Chinese drama websites.

Tudou, a website for video sharing streams TV series, shows from China and other regions. Since Youku has acquired Tudou, the two would share the same set of series available for streaming. Users of Tudou can download the series from its mobile app.

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Gaming Keyboard Review on the Best Gaming Keyboard to Buy

With the many young and old gamers that have emerged into the computer world, keyboards intended particularly for gaming have been designed. These keyboards have a number of important features to ensure they are appropriate for regular gamers. To find a good gaming keyboard read gaming keyboard review sites that will point out the features and benefits of using a gaming keyboard, plus they will give details about the many gaming keyboards available.

Uses of a Gaming Keyboard

They are ruggedly built to withstand the forceful pounding that is usually inflicted by the serious gamer. This treatment can wear out a standard keyboard very quickly. The keys are programmable which makes this keyboard popular. This feature permits the keys to be automatically set for certain game plays; yet can be switched back to the original settings when not in use playing games. An LED light enables visibility when in a gaming situation; this works well because of the fact that gamers usually like the rooms to be dim or dark when playing. Wrist and hand supports are a desired feature to prevent injury. For competitive and people that game for longer periods of time, they’ll especially want some sort of wrist support on their keyboard.

There are many options on the best gaming keyboard on the market. One such keyboard is the Logitech G15. It is a keyboard that has earned a high regard in the gaming world because of its comfortable, reactive keys; the back lit LED; it also has an LCD display on the keyboard that makes it easier to program the keys. These keyboards usually run around $100, which is more costly than a standard keyboard. It is often criticized because it does not have a USB connection.

The most recent keyboard to become available on market is the Saitek Cyborg. The Cyborg has many of remarkable features, such as the12 function keys on each side. It has sensitive media controls that perform to the slightest touch. There are various key LED light choices and also remarkable strengthening for the keys that are used the most. This keyboard is a little large for some users taste and there have been reports of programming problems. You can purchase this keyboard for under $80.

To find the best gaming keyboard would be to find one that merge special features with comfort and still have a reasonable price. Searching online can help you find just the keyboard you need for your gaming needs.

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