6 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Integrating Social Media

Are you still trying to figure out how to integrate social media into your Marketing Mix? You’re not alone; many small business owners are confused about how to blend social media into their business. You might have signed yourself up for LinkedIn or Facebook but you find yourself wondering if social networking really works. Then, weeks go by and you keep hearing about how important these sites are to growing your business but aren’t quite sure what next step to take.

The good news is that there are surprisingly simple steps you can take to integrate social media into your marketing mix and it is easier than you might think. It just takes thinking through what you’re already doing today and where you can incorporate it into your daily business processes.

Consider these tips to integrating your social media into your business:

1. Add your social media links to your email signature. One of the most visible pieces of marketing real estate but most underutilized is your email signature. In your signature, include links to your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter page. If you have a regular e-newsletter, include links to your social media sites, too. Remember to include your call to action. If you want them to connect with you simply put “Let’s connect on (then a link to your media site).

2. Add your links to your Estimates or your Proposals. Encourage your customers or clients to connect with you by placing links to your social media sites on your estimates or your proposals. Once you meet and establish a relationship with them, send your customers or clients an invitation to connect on your site if they haven’t invited you first.

3. Systemize your content posts. Review your yearly calendar. Identify certain dates, product or program launches, or anniversaries in business, etc. Identify specific dates where you will post announcing these special dates. Have a special anniversary for your company coming up? Mention it. Be sure to give high-content value, too. If you’re an Event Planner, post regular tips or articles, such as the top 10 things to consider when planning a party. When you schedule regular content you become more visible and increase your credibility as the go-to person for your product and/or services.

4. Notice trends. Do you see a trend happening in your business? For example, you’re a residential contractor and have a slew of customers wanting bids for renovating their bathrooms. Hold a “Worst Looking Bathroom” contest asking your contacts to submit a picture or a video of their worst looking bathroom. Write a blog about the top five things to consider when remodeling your bathroom and update your status on social media with a link to your article. Determine your call to action: Ask them to submit their pictures and/or videos to your social media page and anyone who does will be eligible for a coupon (or whatever you decide to provide). On a chosen date, pick a winner for 10% off of their bathroom redo. Post the winner. After the remodel, post before and after pictures detailing your work and highlighting your satisfied customer.

5. Interweave your Marketing Strategies. Let’s assume you have a new product launch. List your social media page in your traditional press release. Indicate that additional information about the product will be included on your site.

6. Flowchart Your Social Media Funnel. Take a minute to write down how you could include social media in each of your existing business processes or systems. Have a website? Include your links on it. Have a free e-newsletter? Make sure your social media links are in your follow up messages and included in your e-newsletter. These are great ways to expand your network.

In your day-to-day business processes and systems, consider how to integrate your social media. Write down your ideas and tackle a new idea each day or week.

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