Does Your School Need Time Clock Software?

Private businesses primarily use employee time clock software to keep track of regular and overtime hours worked for payroll purposes. But time clock software isn’t limited to just private business. Non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions all use time clock software to track time spent on different projects and activities. This article will focus on how schools use time and attendance software to solve a variety of time tracking challenges. I’ve talked to a lot of schools about their time clock needs over the years and I’ve come to realize that in most cases, schools use time clock software for three reasons.

Simplify Employee Payroll
One reason schools use time clock software is to track hours worked by non-salaried employees. Much like private industry, they do this to make payroll processing more efficient. Schools need a time tracking solution for bus drivers, custodial workers, food service staff, administrative employees, and even for teachers that may get paid an hourly rate for after school programs. Schools want to keep staff accountable for their hours worked, and staff know they’re getting paid accurately because their punch times are being impartially recorded. An efficient method for going from time card to paycheck makes punch clock software the best choice for keeping track of hours for payroll processing.

Track Student Workers
Another reason schools use time and attendance software is to track hours for student workers. These may be paid student workers or just volunteers that need to keep track of their hours for other reasons. These are usually part-time workers and the department roster changes every semester, which is easy to handle with time and attendance software. We see this a lot with our colleges and universities. Reports of student work hours can be sent to the payroll department for paycheck processing each pay period, or hours for the entire semester can be sent to the appropriate monitoring department to confirm the minimum threshold of hours worked has been met for financial aid obligations. Punch clock software helps get student workers paid in a timely manner and holds them accountable for hours worked.

Report Classroom Hours
The third reason schools turn to time clock software is to log the number of hours spent in the classroom by students. We see this a lot with our technical and adult education schools that require minimum classroom training hours for certain technical fields. It also helps instructors keep up with attendance requirements since students just punch in as they enter the classroom. Weekly status reports can help instructors identify attendance problems before they get out of hand. Time and attendance software is invaluable for tracking hours spent in learning labs by students as required under their IEPs or tutoring requirements. Punch clock software is a great tool for tracking student learning time in and out of the regular classroom.

The impressive thing about time clock software is that it handles each of these time tracking scenarios with the same solution. Now that’s what I call a passing grade!

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