Mobile Advertising in a Modern World

If you’ve been in the business world for any amount of time, there’s no doubt you realize the importance that marketing holds for your organization. Production is often seen as the core of many product-central businesses, but marketing is oftentimes the glue that really holds everything together.

While there are many, many different kinds of marketing, what comes to mind as a gut reaction when you hear the word? Probably some form of advertising. And while advertising has changed greatly over the past couple centuries, many of the most recent changes have been tied to mobile devices. The core principles of advertising continue to stay relatively the same, but the medium on which they come can radically alter the way people perceive your message.

To illustrate the point, picture this: you’re driving down the road and turn on the radio. Immediately you’re presented with an advertisement from your favorite band, accompanied by various audio clips from their latest hit album. Now imagine turning on your TV and hearing the same message while watching an amazing string of video clips where the same band is performing crazy stunts.

In the same way, receiving mobile ads tweaks an advertisement in ways that can greatly encourage and reinforce the desire to purchase. Many people are so connected to their phones these days that they wouldn’t dream of even turning them off or putting them away somewhere. Plus, someone who doesn’t use computers on a frequent basis may be a phone fanatic!

These are all reasons to pursue a mobile marketing strategy: to increase ad effectiveness and conversion. If someone is obsessed with their phone and they get a promotional text or app notification, they’re much more likely to pay attention as opposed to ignoring an annoying popup on their laptop while surfing the web. Also, most mobile text marketing follows an opt-in process, which increases conversion rates because the individual actually wants to see the advertisements or promotional content.

At this point you may be wondering how you can implement a mobile strategy for your company, especially if you’ve never ventured into this arena. Fortunately, there are many advertising agencies, websites, and various specialty companies that will help you complete these tasks. This can be tied to anything from radio spots suggesting an opt-in to your promotions, to emails, cost-per-click campaigns, and more.

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective methods ever realized, and if you can share a “viral” marketing piece through mobile devices, the recipients of such content will likely want to share it with their friends. At this point, you ad can spread very quickly. This is also perhaps the most efficient way to conduct any marketing campaign, as in this case your fans actually want to spread the news as quickly as possible. In conclusion, mobile ads are a very beneficial piece of nearly any marketing plan and they’re within your reach today!

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