History of the Computer

Answering the question of who invented the computer is nearly impossible to do. Rather than emerging in one single moment of history, the development of computer technology has happened over time. The emergence of the computer as a necessary tool in today’s society has taken place over many years with contributions made by a variety of different people.

The first counting device was known as abacus and was used by the Babylonians around 300 B.C. The first printing press was completed in approximately 1440. Its clear that modern advances in technology have been happening for some time. However, the electronic computer that we know today has evolved from a combination of electronic development, savvy programming and other influences.

The first programmable and electrical binary machine was known to be created by German Konrad Zuse somewhere around 1937. The first digital computer was invented in the early 1940s at what is now Iowa State University.

To give some relevance in terms of modern computer companies today, Dell introduced its first computer known as the Turbo PC in 1985. Hewlett Packard’s first computer was released in 1966. To the first computer by Apple was designed by Steve Wozniak in 1976.

Today, computers are all around us. From large computers which help us fly planes to small devices we carry in our pocket, we need computers to transmit and communicate with each other and obtain vital information. We rely on them day in and day out. Today we use computers to do our mobile banking and stabilize us in the emergency room. Each day, advances are being made in the computer world. What we see today will be completely obsolete in the next few years. Electrical devices are becoming more advanced and better materials are being used to make them.

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