Social Media Addicts Can Get Paid to Check-In

WeReward takes all the fun of checking in with Foursquare and adds a new spin — monetary gain. With a mobile app designed for the iPhone, this start-up company will actually pay users for checking in and completing simple tasks. It’s practically free money!

Sound too good to be true? Well, I’m not going to lie. The pay is cheap — as cheap as a penny, in fact. Every time you check in or complete a task, you receive a certain number of points that can range from as little as 10 to as many as 100. That sounds all nice and dandy, other than the fact that it takes 1,000 whopping points to earn $10, which means each point is worth a penny.

I myself almost turned away in disgust, then I realized that it takes only a second to check in on my iPhone. Plus I visit so many places every week-restaurants, bars, fast-food joints, retail outlets, etc.-that I might be able to earn some decent dough for all my effort. And that’s exactly what I did. First I grabbed some lunch from Dominos, which earned me a measly 5 points. Then I took a picture of the pizza box, which got me a whopping 25 points. I went on to shop at the mall, grab some ice-cream from TCBY, pick up groceries at Kroger, and finally grab a drink at the bar down the street. From just doing what I would normally do, I earned 235 points, or $2.35.

It sounds interesting, doesn’t? Well, before you start earning some easy pocket money, let me explain some basics. First of all, WeReward is compatible with Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare, which means that you can still update your friends and earn badges-all while simultaneously earning cash. The graphics are pretty cheesy, much like Foursquare, but the user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to learn. If you’re already a Foursquare expert, then congratulations, you have hereby earned a WeReward expert badge!

Here’s how the whole thing works: Suppose you’re hanging out with your friends playing frisbee golf in the park. After a while, chances are you’ll be hungry, but where to eat? Fire up the WeReward app to find a list of nearby eateries. Everyone likes Mexican food, so you scoot on over to the local taqueria and, while you’re there, check in. Easy as flan!

The best thing about WeReward is that there’s no limit on how much money you can earn. This is the holy grail — an actual way to make easy money on the side. After all, if you’re already going to shop at the mall, it only takes a few extra seconds to make sure you get paid to do it.

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Top 3 Instagram Photo Editing Apps of 2014

Being thrust into hard times managing your photo editing on Instagram has been a common problem for several account holders. This social media platform is your one stop destination to add selfies, build photo libraries, and share them on other social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is to get the right photo editing tool/app to organize your photos. Following are top three Instagram Photo Editing Apps that have become widely popular in the past few months.

1. Square FX

Cropping can be a real problem for many images while uploading and fitting them on the square frame on Instagram. The Square FX app can be used to prevent cropping, refit or resize the images as per choice and requirement. You can perform a number of functions with the Square FX app including:

• Changing frames, styles or colors
• Instant photo selection and placing on the frames to prevent cropping
• Save images in the photo library
• Perform functions including flipping, rotating or scaling images
• Select a background from a range of options including gradient, color and pattern to induce amazing look and effects
• The new version comes with a bug fixing feature
• Upgrade to the premium services to enjoy additional features of the app

The iTunes account holders can download this app free of cost to use the basic features. This app is built for iOS devices.

2. VSCO Cam + VSCO Grid

The VSCO Cam + VSCO Grid are available for majority of the iOS and Android 4.0 version empowered devices. This minimalist platform is suitable for creating, publishing and displaying the photography skills. The VSCO is the most exquisite platform that allows the integration and interaction between the photographers and the interested takers. In a world where images express more than texts, you can hardly find a platform that allows the power of sharing to the photographers from across the globe. VSCO Cam + VSCO Grid features and facilities are:

• Instead of Instagram filters use the VSCO preset photo-filters
• Color edit the photographs for an enhanced look before uploading on Instagram
• Compatible for using on iOS and Android based devices
• Get to know about the most astonishingly talented photographers from across the globe through VSCO journals
• Explore the gallery of pictures and pick your favorite ones
• A lot many featured tools and presets are available on the VSCO Cam Store

3. Snapseed

Snapseed app is largely developed for the iOS platform to perform several functions with your photos on Apple devices. Here are some important features of this app:

• Tweak all your photos on the iPhone and iPad
• Edit your images to change the contrasts, brightness, sharpness and saturation using the loupe tool
• Bestow a retro style to your pictures using the professional black and white filters
• Apart from Instagram, this app allows you to share an image or a selfie on other sites including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

The tags are very important to be attached to all your images on the social media profiles including Instagram. Whether it is your business profile or a personal social sharing account, you would always want to attach details of the images. Your brand and product line gains maximized customer response through them. The hashtags on the other hand are important for the optimum visibility of your Instagram profile on the search engine. The Instagram photo editing apps allow you to perform these tasks easily.

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The Best Mobile App Development Services – Finding The Best Ones

With the quick speed at which innovations and discoveries are being started in the mobile development industry, selecting the most appropriate service for your mobile application has become quite tough. You must remember that making the right decision will eventually decide whether you’ll be able to make your business popular or not. In the article discussed below, we are going to talk in particular about some crucial tips that you should follow for finding the best mobile app development services.

Experience and expertise in App Development

The total years of experience and expertise a firm has in the mobile app development industry will be instrumental in deciding to opt for its services or not. Find a company that is experienced in the industry as such firms know how to develop good quality applications at discounted rates. Go through their track record and portfolios carefully to see what type of a success rate they enjoy.

High quality services

Besides, possessing the right amount of experience, the firm you select should also be quite committed towards the quality of work. They must oversee and supervise the entire app development procedure in order to make sure that no compromise is done in terms of the quality. They should also take the various mobile application trends in to the consideration while offering high quality services to you.

Other important considerations:

• When the procedure is certain and efficient then you can be rest assured that your project is going in the right direction.
• The realistic results should be achieved by the company within the specified amount of budget.
• They must follow a suitable procedure that concentrates hard on several crucial aspects like creating a very good user experience.
• The entire design must be functional and effective.
• The application must enhance usability.

Function with various platforms

As there are plenty of platforms like Windows, iPhone and Android, the firm must be capable of working on all the given platforms with great ease. Every single platform has different requirements and the company must be proficient enough to deliver you good results even if your project is really big.
Consistent amount of support

The mobile app development service you select must be capable of meeting all your needs in regard to the app you’re willing to develop. The updates, changes and the feedback from the clients are some of the major things that enhance the overall usability of the app and so the company must look out for such factors while developing an app. They need to offer you consistent amount of support at affordable rates so that you don’t have to spend a fortune to promote your business well.

The overall success or failure of your application depends entirely on how effective the development firm is in creating the features you’re looking for. This particularly helps in improving the user experience in addition to the functionality. High quality and cost efficient services are also quite significant factors that do tip the scales entirely in the favor of a firm.

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Digital Signage – Content May Be King, But Who’s Doing the Coronation? – Part II

In the first part of this column I pointed out that for many small business owners -even those who understand the potential of digital signage- actually deciding to add digital signs raises a thorny issue: Who’s going to create the content that feeds the sign fresh information of interest to viewers in a professional format that makes a great statement about that small business?

Fresh content is critical to the communications effort if viewers are to keep coming back to the sign for more. In media shorthand, this boils down to the often used expression: “Content is king.” But if content is king, who’s doing the coronation? In other words, who is creating the content that gets elevated to this regal stature? Here, I examine solutions that go beyond the obvious answer of hiring someone like a full-time graphic artist or ad agency -two steps many small business owners are likely unprepared to make. While no individual suggestion solves the entire problem, several taken together should come close.

Before reviewing the tactics, however, keep in mind that the success of any digital sign relies on having a clear understanding where the sign will be located, who’s typically watching and what is trying to be accomplished. These sorts of larger, strategic issues play into selecting which of the following tactics make the most sense for creating the content that’s desired without diverting too many precious company resources into feeding the insatiable content appetite of digital signs. In this column, I offer five of 10 tactics. In my next column, I’ll lay out five more.

Tactic 1: Create and use eye-catching templates that can easily be populated with regularly used data. Templates reduce the complexity of creating digital signage content. They can be constructed to accommodate nearly all of the information -whether its menu items for a restaurant or special event listings in a hotel lobby- that a digital signage user needs to display. Once created, templates also minimize the time that must be devoted to the communications process because they can be used over and over again.

Additionally, one template with a certain graphical theme can be spun off into other graphically similar templates that satisfy specific communications requirements while at the same time creating a consistent visual theme that helps to reinforce the identity of the small business.

Tactic 2: Select digital signage software that automatically imports data from other business systems to relieve staff from re-keystroking data into the digital signage page. For example, a hotel might rely on management software to track reservations, meeting room bookings and other business events.

With the right digital signage software, it’s possible to identify pieces of that data that could populate a digital signage template automatically without intervention by the hotel staff. For instance, meeting room booking data, such as the name of the party renting the room could populate a text field in a template built for use on a digital reader boards outside individual conference and ballrooms.

Tactic 3: Leverage existing marketing, promotional and advertising materials to minimize the amount of original content that must be created. Existing content, including company logos -both the small business’s logo and those of their vendors- TV commercials, supplier video and conference video can be reused on digital signs when appropriate.

Tactic 4: Use RSS feeds to keep a stream of fresh content constantly crawling across the screen. Depending on the small business and the application, Internet RSS feeds from different sources can provide fresh, new content to attract viewers and hold their attention.

Tactic 5: Rely on a traditional television channel. Some digital signage systems are available with optional television and cable television tuners that allow TV to be imported into a digital signage layout. Integrating TV relieves much of the burden of creating a lot of fresh content. However, there are a few caveats to keep in mind. The cable or satellite TV source may not allow retransmission of its programming without first paying a licensing fee. Another is possible competitive conflicts. For instance, how would the owner of a used car lot feel about unintentionally displaying the commercial of a competitor on his digital sign?

Relying on these five tactics can help small business owners create the content that gets and holds the attention of viewers without taking on a new employee or vendor. In my next column, I’ll offer five more tactics that can be used to create content worth of coronation.

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